Dianabol: The Quintessential Anabolic Steroid

Lofty goals give us life. By setting our sights higher than what many deem possible, we push ourselves to be the best that we can be with amazing results. I myself make resolutions at the start of each year. However, sometimes these things are more difficult than we expect them to be. They take a long time and test our patience. Fitness goals are great examples. Many would like to achieve the chiselled physique they only see on television. Months in the gym can lead to improvements but these may still not be satisfying. Aspiring bodybuilders often turn to anabolic steroids like Dianabol to hasten the process and it’s not hard to understand why.

A Long History

Dbol, as the drug is commonly known, has been around for a long while. Its origins are familiar to those in the community. The Soviet Union became a sports powerhouse in the post-World War II era and competing countries sought to even the playing field. It was found that USSR used testosterone on its athletes so the US tried to develop a suitable drug that could hold its own. Dr. John Ziegler, working with Ciba Pharmaceuticals, came up with anabolic steroids that mimicked testosterone while reducing androgenic effects. Decades of existence makes Dianabol one of the most familiar and trusted brands.

Intake Options

The method of consumption is important as people have certain preferences and fears that have to be addressed. For instance, certain steroids are only available in the form of liquid injections. They work their way throughout the body through the bloodstream. There are many who do not like needles piercing through their skin and shun such drugs. Dianabol UK users have the option of getting the drug as an injection or as a tablet. There is a greater demand for the latter thanks to the convenient package and pain-free intake. Given the choice, I would always opt for the tablet form for any type of drug.

Muscular Effects

Dbol has proven itself to be a highly effective drug for muscular enhancement. It is so popular simply because it works. Users can expect to see the results within a few weeks of starting consumption. Of course, this has to be supported by adequate nutrition and proper exercise. Adding muscle mass demands large quantities of protein which are the building blocks of the muscle fibres. Exercise, on the other hand, provides the stimulus necessary to trigger growth. Stop lifting low weights and counting high reps. High weights and low repetitions are advised by experts for anyone who wishes to get stronger.

Androgenic Effects

If the only thing that matters is the muscular improvement, then Dianabol is a winner. I would take it in a heartbeat to gain all of the benefits in a relatively short time. However, that is not the whole story. We need to think about the dangers of steroid use as well. These include androgenic effects wherein people begin to develop secondary gender characteristics of the opposite sex. Their voice, chest, hair, and genitals get affected. The possibility of liver damage leading to disease or death is a serious matter as well.  These are enough reasons for me to pause and reconsider.